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I think that the defining moment for my generation was the presidential election of President Barack Obama. The reason for this is because of the great activism and interest that took place whether it was through facebook, the web, or rallies. The fact that President Obama is the youngest president, not to mention the first African American to be in the office has brought much attention from college campuses across the United States. I worked at a camp this past summer and even little kids were talking about the election. Of course it was not very detailed, but the fact that they were talking about the subject gives an idea of how important this has had on our nation. From newspapers, televisions, radios, facebook, blogs


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FW1: machine

If I woke up as a machine tomorrow morning I would be an air plane. I think it would be fun to be able to soar across the sky from one country. I would be the most energy efficient, fast, and nicest looking air plane in the world. I would be able to get from Los Angelas, California to New Delhi in a matter of minutes. I would be a small plane that sat only one person. The reason for this would be to not have to wait a long time for numerous people to board the plane, to decide the destiny, and to keep the exclusive vibe so as to maintain the “specialness”

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