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Title~ My Other Life in Facebook World

I chose to write about facebook because, like most people, facebook is a huge part of my life. It is the cyber world for the current generation, and it is rapidly gaining users from the older generations as we speak. I want to talk about how facebook has influenced the way we live our lives. How social events and reunions aren’t like what they use to be. Many people know exactly what their high school friends are doing at a certain time, place, and date. Is there a need for reunions anymore? After all, now you can post videos on facebook’s wall. Has our communication skills and social skills deteriated in the office/school/job since the founding of facebook?

What I already know:

1. Facebook is becoming an international resource for people to connect with friends from every part of the world

2. Facebook is most popular amongst college students

3. Addicting amongst young people

4. Conflicting with social and communication skills

5. Living a life centered around facebook, rather than living a life where facebook is based upon our lives

6. Instant access to upcoming events

Things I would like to find out about this topic:

–  The impacts facebook has on social and commuication skills

Why this is important for our current generation who about to go out into the workforce

– The negative effects from facebook

– How is the new facebook image too nosy- how this effects people’s lives

Possible Resources-


source of topic







audience- Current Generation (College students)

call to action

popular culture



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A Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar take out menu– Takeout menus offered by many restaurants, cafes, and bars have greatly impacted the way most Americans plan  their daily lives.

Rosary– Religion has changed its role in pop culture significantly throughout each decade over time.

McDonald’s–  McDonald’s is upscaling its image to the public by offering high caloried cofee, however, this is not helping people’s health.

CD– CDs have had both a negative and positive effect on people, whether that be either legal or illegal.

Gambling– Gambling has become a popular hobby amongst the upper and lower economic classes, but not so much amongst middle class.

Cell phone- Cell phones have made our lives much more easier with constant communication, however, our current generation is looking at serious medical problems from over usage of the cell phone.

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FW7:Hot Topic

481What pisses me off  are people who are EXTREMELY loud and in your face annoying.

The worse is when they are in your personal space. It is annoying because you just want to tell them to back off, but then you don’t want to

be rude. Reason being because this might be how their personality is.   It can be even mor worse when they

are trying to make you agree to their point of view in an obnoxious way.

I like outgoing people, but there is a fine line of outgoing and being really obnoxious.

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FW6: Headline

snowplow3If I were to die by a snowplow tonight, then the headline in tomorrow’s paper would read…

Last night a college student was struck down by a snowplow due to the snow that was rapidly falling. The college student was walking back from the cafe and was not paying attention to her surroundings.  This is a tragic event that has raised safety issues on campus.

Sunita was a first year student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. She was planning on going into public policy, public health policy to be precise. She was part of Geneva Heroes and attended other club events on campus in her spare time. As a first year student at college, she was begining to be introduced to new ideas and hobbies on campus.

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