FW7:Hot Topic

481What pisses me off  are people who are EXTREMELY loud and in your face annoying.

The worse is when they are in your personal space. It is annoying because you just want to tell them to back off, but then you don’t want to

be rude. Reason being because this might be how their personality is.   It can be even mor worse when they

are trying to make you agree to their point of view in an obnoxious way.

I like outgoing people, but there is a fine line of outgoing and being really obnoxious.


FW6: Headline

snowplow3If I were to die by a snowplow tonight, then the headline in tomorrow’s paper would read…

Last night a college student was struck down by a snowplow due to the snow that was rapidly falling. The college student was walking back from the cafe and was not paying attention to her surroundings.  This is a tragic event that has raised safety issues on campus.

Sunita was a first year student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. She was planning on going into public policy, public health policy to be precise. She was part of Geneva Heroes and attended other club events on campus in her spare time. As a first year student at college, she was begining to be introduced to new ideas and hobbies on campus.

FW5:Dinner Party

thomas-jeffersonjawaharlal_nehrubillyholidayIf I had a dinner party and I could invite three people from the past who are dead now would be the following. The first person that I would invite would be Thomas Jefferson. I would invite him because he was such an intelligent and important figure to the foundation of this nation. The second person that I would invite would be Nehru. I would invite him because he was one of India’s greatest politicians. The third person that I would invite would be Billy Holiday. The reason for this would be because I like her music and would like to know more about the meaning behind the lyrics to her songs.

I think this would be an interesting, and fun dinner party because the conversation would unlock secrets and puzzles that have been locked up ever since they died.

FW4:Dorm fire

fire917smallIf I had to run back in and save something that means a lot to me during a fire, then it would be my journal. The reason for this is because I have many thoughts about about many events that have happened throughout my life written down. Objects can be replaced, even though its not the exact same one. Pictures will be ruined. However, the exact feelings, ideas, and what exactly happened on a particular day can never be written in the same way. That is the beauty of a journal. A journal is something that you can reflect upon and see the progress you have made throughout life. I think that if I were to loose my journal, then I would be loosing a huge component of myself. I could not rewrite my journal if it were destroyed in a fire.  This is the object that I would save if I could grab one last thing from being destroyed in a fire.


dell-laptop1The reading that I read was really interesting. The reason for this is because it really captured today’s culture for today’s generation. I found it really scary just because it was aimed at my generation, and we are the future generation. I don’t mind people my age being immersed in technology. However, when it comes to education and communication skills with others is where I have a problem. I think that we need to think twice when it comes to education. How much should technology influence our education system?

INF: Galligan

2004_harry_potter_3The book series of Harry Potter has not affected me very much.

However, when the movies started coming out is when it really started to hit me.

I am not so sure why exactly Harry Potter has not caught my attention as other movies have

such as Narnia or other movies dealing with magic.



I think that the defining moment for my generation was the presidential election of President Barack Obama. The reason for this is because of the great activism and interest that took place whether it was through facebook, the web, or rallies. The fact that President Obama is the youngest president, not to mention the first African American to be in the office has brought much attention from college campuses across the United States. I worked at a camp this past summer and even little kids were talking about the election. Of course it was not very detailed, but the fact that they were talking about the subject gives an idea of how important this has had on our nation. From newspapers, televisions, radios, facebook, blogs